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Arts & Culture november 13, 2014

Heineken Handwritten Cards Send Holiday Cheer

Beer company wants you to slow down, enjoy the finer points of life

Design & Architecture may 5, 2014

School Develops A New Way To Teach Handwriting For The Digital World

This font keeps kids from copying handwriting habits from printed text.

Design & Architecture december 5, 2012

What Does Famous Typographers’ Handwriting Look Like? [Pics]

Cameron Adams asked industry greats for samples of their writing and set them next to typefaces they have designed.

Arts & Culture october 28, 2011

Words Fly: A Love Affair With Writing (Not Typing) [Headlines]

The author explains why handwriting is an artistic ritual, why ambiguity bends to beauty, and why we should perhaps pick up a quill.

Technology september 22, 2011

Ecriture Infinite Remembers The Beauty Of Handwriting

Artist Bili Bodjocka collects handwriting from around the world as to remember it in the face of its declining use.

Work october 14, 2010

How Writing By Hand Boosts Our Learning Abilities

Why it may be a good idea to revive the forgotten art of handwriting.

Arts & Culture january 27, 2009

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