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Cities december 14, 2015

A Platform Designed to Help You Face Your Fears

100 Days Without Fear started as a personal project but will soon evolve into a point-based social network rooted in acts of bravery

Technology february 16, 2015

Google Translate and Wikipedia Fused into Geo-Linguistic Map

Interactive platform lets users learn about history and pronunciation of spoken word across Earth's terrain

Work may 14, 2014

Global Index Shows Which Countries Are The Happiest

The OECD's floral motif graphics display the complex mix of factors that go into an emotionally successful country.

Work march 24, 2014

Simple App Promises To Create Greater Happiness At Work

Make My Week is a web-based platform that gives suggestions on how to make work hours more fulfilling.

French, Portuguese and Cambodian airports hold ‘Smiling Day’
The Most Helpful Travel Sites for Booking Hotels and Flights | and MUBi say we should go to work by bicycle
IoT september 5, 2013

Self-Help Projects Promise Happiness In Just 21 Days

Gretchen Rubin’s 21 Day Projects, which include de-cluttering and getting to know yourself better, aim to help people feel happier.

Arts & Culture july 25, 2013

Social Network Only Lets Members Share Happy Moments

Happier is aimed at celebrating and sharing positive life experiences and lets members post photos and status updates about what makes them feel good.

Technology may 16, 2013

Personalized E-Placebos Help Sufferers Recover

A new way to feel better using nothing more than a picture and positive mental attitude.

Advertising april 10, 2013

Workshops Teach Employees How To Be Happier

Media agency sends its workers to a six-week "Happiness" course.

Home march 25, 2013

Robot Shines To People Are Smiles [Video]

The Smile-Bot aims to instill a sense of happiness in those around it.

Mobile march 18, 2013

Agency’s Happiness App Monitors Employees’ Morale

The in-house mobile app lets staff express their mood each day and active users are rewarded.

Technology february 8, 2013

Coca-Cola ATM Dispenses Free Cash For People Willing To Share [Video]

The ‘happiness’ machines in Spain gave out 100 euros to random recipients, encouraging them to pass it on to others.


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