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Make Your Own DIY Invisibility Cloak for Under $100

  • 17 december 2014
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Sweden Uses New Rating System To Screen For Sexist Films

Mock Ice Cream Flavors Inspired By Well-Known Novels [Pics]

Google Street View Maps The Fictional Locations Of Harry Potter

Hunger Games Beats Out Harry Potter As Amazon’s Best-Selling Series [Headlines]

Learn How To Cast Spells Like Harry Potter With PlayStation’s Wonderbook

3 Million Virtual Students Enroll At Hogwarts Through Pottermore

Is JK Rowling Really Writing An Adult Novel?

Pottermore Sells Over $1.5m Worth Of Harry Potter E-Books In 3 days [Headlines]

Summer Movie Attendance Continues To Erode [Headlines]

  • 6 september 2011
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Google Teams Up With J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore

The Quidditch World Cup Keeps Wizarding World Alive Post-Potter [Video]

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