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Work april 10, 2014

Building A Robot Is As Easy As Cutting And Pasting [Video]

Functional paper robots bring origami into the 21st century.

Technology september 3, 2013

Elastic Gel Speaker Broadcasts Pitch-Perfect Sounds [Video]

Harvard engineers have built a clear, stretchable speaker made from rubber and saltwater gel that can play the entire audible spectrum.

Innovation august 5, 2013

Energy-Saving Windows Dilate Like Blood Vessels To Keep Rooms Cool

Researchers at Harvard developed a circulatory system embedded in glass windows to keep them cool.

Arts & Culture may 31, 2013

MIT Researchers Use Silkworms As Biological 3D Printer [Video]

Pavillion made of the natural material explores relationship between organic structures and digital fabrication.

Innovation may 20, 2013

Scientists Control Microscopic Flowers’ Shape As They Grow

Scientists are able to manipulate these plants into different configurations and sizes

Retail september 27, 2012

Top Finalists In The James Dyson Design Competition

Americans have claimed 7 out the 50 semi-finalist spots in the international competition.

Innovation may 18, 2012

Momofuku Restaurant Plans To Introduce Mold & Bacteria To Its Menu

David Chang's popular string of restos collaborates with a Harvard microbiologist to discover unique microbe ingredients.

Design & Architecture march 7, 2012

Edible Packaging Lets You Drink A Beverage & Eat The Bottle Too

Harvard professor creates packaging that is eco-friendly and biodegradable, the next step is to make it tasty.

Technology february 22, 2012

Robotic Bees That Fold Like Origami May Change The Face Of Manufacturing

Harvard University engineers have developed a technique for quickly fabricating and assembling tiny and complex devices.

Arts & Culture january 12, 2012

Harvard Professors Advertise Their Courses On Vimeo

Demonstrating how digital communications are enhancing the present and future of education, Harvard features the syllabi for 16 general education courses as online videos.

Work december 30, 2011

Game Penalizes Exercisers For Failing To Get To The Gym [Future Of Gaming]

Gym-Pact is a start-up that works in collaboration with fitness centers in Boston to provide monetary disincentives for skipping the gym.

Retail november 7, 2011

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Innovation november 7, 2011

New App Lets You Crowdsource Reactions To Your Diet

PlateMate is a crowdsourcing tool developed to help people determine the amount of calories of a plate of food.

Work september 29, 2011

Language: The Words We Choose And What They Say About Human Nature

Harvard University's Steven Pinker elaborates on what the study of language reveals about human nature and how we relate to and connect with each other.


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