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Food july 12, 2016

Wonky Mr. Potato Head Is The Perfect Spokesperson Against Food Waste

An imperfect figure becomes a familiar and powerful statesman against the wasting of food

Innovation february 16, 2016

Debit System Replaces Wads of Fake Cash in Monopoly

This popular game is about to get a major, cheat-proof revamp

Retail february 20, 2015

Put Lightsaber Debates to Rest with Build-Your-Own Hasbro Toy

Star Wars Bladebuilders let kids customize their own Jedi or Sith weapon with plug-in components

Gaming & Play february 19, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Hasbro set to 3D-print toys, Apple patents new headphones, China promises to clean its polluted rivers, and more.

Retail october 11, 2013

Monopoly Set Swaps Out Real Estate For Modern Brands

The purchasing power of your Monopoly buck now extends to global companies.

Technology december 20, 2012

Hasbro Makes Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Oven

13-year-old McKenna Pope got over 45,000 signatures on her petition for a product that both girls and boys could enjoy.

Work november 7, 2012

Male ‘My Little Pony’ Devotees Make Fan-Funded National TV Ad [Video]

'Bronies,' the unlikely followers of the children's franchise, create a network spot to thank the show for it's impact on their lives.

Technology july 26, 2012

AR Laser Tag Lets Users Play Against Real & Virtual Enemies

The Hasbro Lazer Tag uses an iOS device to add a layer to the classic game where players can compete against real opponents and augmented reality opponents on the screen.

Home december 5, 2011

Air New Zealand Launces A Clue-Style Competition To Find Out Who ‘Killed’ Their Mascot

In partnership with toy and board-game company Hasbro, the airline announced the untimely end of 'Rico' and sent fans on the hunt for the celebrity killer.

Gaming & Play june 2, 2011

Hasbro’s 3D iPhone Viewer

The viewer attaches to your device and shows 3D movie trailers, games, and apps.

Design & Architecture february 9, 2011

Monopoly Live: Is A Game That Controls Everything For You Really A Game?

The newly announced update to the classic board game raises questions about what the "game" parts of Monopoly really are.

Cities september 3, 2009

Monopoly x Google Maps: The Planet Turns Into One Giant Board Game

A partnership between Google and Monopoly will turn the whole globe into an interactive game.

Arts & Culture august 21, 2009

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