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Gaming october 14, 2013

Escape Rooms Keep Players Hostage Until Clues Are Solved [Pics]

An alternative to bars and karaoke takes hold of young adults in Hong Kong.

Culture august 12, 2013

Museum Lets Children Run A Haunted House [Pics]

Designed for infants and pre-schoolers, a pop-up exhibit at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art gives kids a chance to bend museum rules.

Home november 15, 2012

Insurance Agency Overlays AR Animations Around House To Show Hidden Dangers

In a clever promotion for Allianz insurance, a pop-up house was built to highlight potential home accidents.

Culture october 31, 2011

Cool Hunting: Exploring L.A.’s Hidden Haunted House [Video]

Artist Albert Reyes has created a haunted house in his backyard every year since 2004, and it has turned into a local Halloween ritual.

Cities october 30, 2009

(Event) Steampunk Haunted House

The Steampunk Haunted House is a different spin on the usually gore-and-blood cliches that permeate most haunted houses and also gives visitors a unique view into historical and aestheticcuriosities from a long-gone time.


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