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[News] Xiaomi launches Daydream 4 VR headset
[News] Google releases Daydream VR headset, a more comfortable update to Cardboard
Culture october 29, 2014

First Purported Virtual Reality Feature Film is an Oculus Rift Horror

The collaborative project provides an immersive scarefest for headset users

Advertising january 17, 2014

Jawbone’s Redesigned Wireless Headset Is No Longer Just For Office Workers [Pics]

ERA, a tiny earbud, uses Siri or Google and is designed to simplify all phone interactions.

Innovation september 26, 2013

Brainwave-Monitoring Car Slows Down When The Driver Is Distracted [Video]

RAC creates a vehicle that can only be driven when it has the driver's undivided attention.

Culture july 3, 2013

Headset Heightens Human Senses In Real-Time

Students create revolutionary device that amplifies sight and hearing.

Gaming may 24, 2013

Headset Stimulates Brain Activity To Boost Gaming Prowess

The headset uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to improve users performance.

IoT january 15, 2013

Headset Allows Firefighters To See Beyond Smoke

Golden-i is a head-mounted computer that contains a camera, GPS, micro-display, speech recognition, and gesture control.

Design december 14, 2012

Panoramic Visor Offers 360 Degree Views

The FlyVIZ prototype headset allows users to know what’s going on all around them at once.

Technology november 27, 2012

Motorola Headset Responds To Voice Commands [Video]

HC1 could be be a step forwards for organizations to implement wearable, hands-free computing.

Culture october 26, 2012

Mini Home Theater iPhone Headset

Mike Enayah designs a portable cinema concept for the Apple smartphone.

Design september 12, 2012

Bike’s Handlebars Change Position To Adapt To Various Terrains [Pics]

Concept bike 'CERV', which was unveiled last month at the Eurobike exhibition, proposes dynamically changing the handlebars to adjust to different terrain.

Culture january 16, 2012

Wireless Headset Allows You To Control Music With Hand Gestures

The ZIK Parrot headset controls music through simple motion sensing technology.

Design january 10, 2012

Logitech IT Vending Machines Keep Employees Well-Stocked

Workers scan their ID badge and help themselves to keyboards, headsets and other pieces of tech gear.


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