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Work june 24, 2014

Office Chair Cushion Nudges You If You’ve Been Sitting For Too Long

The Darma cushion monitors health and the user's behavior to record how long they have been in one position.

Arts & Culture october 16, 2013

Microsoft Earbuds Monitor Wearers’ Health To Help Pick The Next Song

Non-invasive technology that could act as a fitness coach and remote doctor.

Technology august 8, 2013

Health-Monitoring App Turns Vital Signs Into Personalized Music

Stay healthy and overcome illnesses with this new form of adaptive media.

Technology march 25, 2013

Wireless Implant Predicts Heart Attack Hours In Advance

14mm under-the-skin blood testing device sends warning data to the user.

IoT june 29, 2012

Smart T-Shirt Lets Doctors Monitor Patients While They're At Home

EU-funded researchers have developed the innovative system to measure heart rate, breathing and physical activity, and send this data to doctors.

Innovation august 23, 2011

Skin Implant Monitors Glucose Levels And Glows When They Change

Trial results for a long-term glucose monitoring device show it to be accurate and stable.


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