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Work september 30, 2015

What Walking Meetings, Wellness Clips and Personal Climate Regulators Mean for the Future Office

PSFK Labs designed concept products for a healthier work/life balance

Technology january 28, 2015

Helmet Lets You Hear Your Thoughts

The Experience Helmet can boost self-awareness by giving you an audio tour of your thought processes

Technology january 28, 2015

Electro-Acupuncture Device Checks Vitamin Levels Via Smartphone

Portable device personalizes what vitamins and minerals you need with the help of your phone

Gaming & Play january 23, 2015

Equinox Cycling Experience Combines High-Intensity Fitness and Real-time Stats

The high-end gym chain rolls out cardio class with in-studio gaming and data visualization to drive peak performance

Work january 13, 2015

Moving Seat Offers Exercise While You Work

The Balance Stool helps workers tone their cores while sitting at their desks

Design & Architecture january 2, 2015

Can Cold Compress Adhesive Bandage Concept One-Up BandAid?

Cold Compress bandage uses an endothermic chemical reaction to cool an injured area

Home november 21, 2014

Heated Sleeping Bag Can Replace Expensive Infant Incubators

Being 99% cheaper than the average hospital incubator in the U.S., the heated sleeping bag can save lives in the developing world

Cities november 20, 2014

Casual Hat Can Measure Heart Rate, Cadence and Calories

The LifeBEAM hat doubles as a piece of wearable technology with electro-optical sensors that help you better monitor health

Mobile november 20, 2014

Slap Bracelet-Like Emergency Bandage Maintains Pressure, Stops Bleeding

Uflex snaps around wounds on your wrist and inflates to quell blood loss

Technology november 19, 2014

Tiny Ear Clip Keeps Tabs on Your Chewing Habits

BitBite uses audio tracking and sensors to track and improve eating behaviour

Technology november 17, 2014

Monitor Brain Activity for Better Health with Headband Device

'Muse' helps you become more aware of what your brain is doing, so you can make changes in real-time

IoT november 14, 2014

Smart Device Monitors Medications for Asthmatics, COPD

The Amiko is a small device that will make sure you take your asthma and COPD medications right

Work november 13, 2014

Prototype Device Diagnoses Prostate Cancer

European research organization Fraunhofer announces a product that's able to quickly, easily detect the deadly ailment

Sustainability november 13, 2014

CubeSensors Help You Track Your Sleep

Sensors pair with Fitbit and Jawbone to let you know exactly what's right and wrong with your Zs


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