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Food july 19, 2016

A Futuristic, Fully Automated Quinoa Restaurant Is Coming To NYC

West Coast brand Eatsa is expanding its automated healthy options to the opposite side of the country

Food july 1, 2016

This E-Cigarette Offers Suggested Drink Pairings

A UK-based brand is rolling out a premium line of smokes meant to be matched with beers, cocktails and wines

Cities june 14, 2016

A Transformable Playground Invents New Games For Tiny Spaces

Seoul designers use lack of space as inspiration to launch a portable playing field

Advertising june 28, 2013

Watch Alerts Wearers Of Future Heart Attacks

New device constantly monitors the body’s pulse and makes users aware of fluctuations.

[News] FDA will reevaluate conditions for ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ food labels
Healthier menus boost Pret a Manger sales by 14% (City AM)
Sustainability june 3, 2013

Could This Drink Powder Replace All Meals?

Invented by Rob Rhinehart, Soylent is a nutritional and affordable beverage containing everything the healthy body needs.

Advertising march 24, 2013

Brad Grossman: Take Control Of Your Mind And Increase Creativity

Founder of cultural think-tank Grossman and Partners, publisher of the Zeitguide, takes a closer look into how to best channel one's mental energies into greater creativity and efficiency.

Innovation january 17, 2013

Tea Made From Coffee Contains Less Caffeine And Is Healthier

A hybrid of both beverages could be the better choice.

Advertising september 8, 2012

Innocent Drinks Storymaker On Finding Truth From Within [PSFK LONDON]

Creative Director Dan Germain shares his thoughts with PSFK on the importance of highlighting the human stories that drive the success of any organization.

Advertising may 10, 2012

Kit Kat App Reduces Social Media Stress With Automated Status Updates

The chocolate brand wants users to take a break from using online networks.

Home april 23, 2012

Cookbook Promotes Adding Insects To Meals To Make Them Healthier

Delicious and nutritious recipes that include worms and bugs.

Innovation august 19, 2011

Coca-Cola’s Best Practices For Offering Healthier And Greener Products

The vice president of Coca-Cola's 'Live Positively' campaign outlines how the company offers their customers what they're looking for.

Advertising august 3, 2011

Fresh Vending: A Quick And Healthy Snack Fix

A new vending machine concept proposes healthy alternatives for kids and adults alike.


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