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Technology june 29, 2016

Coca-Cola's New Service Helps You Find Healthy Food

The company's subsidiary, Del Valle, has developed an app to connect people looking for produce with growers who have extra stock.

Innovation march 18, 2014

Bolthouse Farms Uses #Foodporn To Wean Us Off Our Obsession With Junkfood

The Food Porn Index tracks hashtags to encourage a love for good-for-you treats.

Work november 13, 2013

Fictitious Campaign Revamps Broccoli As An “In” Vegetable [Pics]

Ad agency Victors & Spoils was challenged by the New York Times to create a fake campaign that would make over broccoli as the new hot vegetable.

Sustainability june 20, 2013

Traffic Light Food Labels Help Shoppers Make Healthier Choices

Red, amber and green labels will appear on most packaging in the UK to try to end shoppers' confusion over what to buy.

Retail august 26, 2011

Whole Foods Opens Its First Wellness Club To Encourage Healthy Eating

The food retailer trials membership-only club with classes and coaching on cooking, nutrition and lifestyle.

Innovation july 22, 2011

Grocery Stores Expand To Fight Childhood Obesity

Leading retailers in association with the First Lady, will open in new locations to increase the public's access to healthy and affordable food.

Design & Architecture june 6, 2011

MyPlate: The USDA's New Food Group Symbol

New food plate graphic launched to remind consumers to make healthy choices.

Advertising may 20, 2011

Pepsi Engineering New Types Of Salt And Sugar For Their Products

The company is researching and designing new ways to make food healthier for consumers.

Innovation july 27, 2010

School Cuts Crime By Changing Cafeteria Menu

Does food affect our behavior? A school in Wisconsin claims it does, in a positive way.

Cities october 1, 2009

Van Gogh is Bipolar: Restaurant Serves Brain-Healthy Food

"Van Gogh is Bipolar" takes healthy eating to a new level by only serving natural foods which help produce "happy hormones."


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