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Food july 29, 2016

Social Enterprise Restaurant Aims To Make Healthy Food Affordable For All

Everytable wants to democratize health food with nutritious meals at under $4

Retail january 16, 2013

STORY’s Wellness Space Promotes A Healthy Mind And Body

Peruse healthy living products and leave the space sweating after taking a yoga class.

IoT september 8, 2012

Are You Able To Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance? [Future of Work]

As PSFK explores how people are separating work from play, we ask our readers to weigh in and share their methods.

Design april 30, 2012

Purify The Air With A Cardboard Cactus

Meta Material introduces an filter that bridges the gap between natural and mechanical air-purification.

Advertising april 28, 2012

PSFK’S Top Five Stories Of The Week

We review the best in design, culture, art and fashion and creative business in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Advertising may 26, 2011

PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2011: Robbie Vitrano [Video]

The Naked Pizza co-founder shares his insight on how to build a brand that reveals the power of connectedness in the digital age.

Advertising september 21, 2010

Dan Ariely: Designing Systems To Help People Make Better Decisions

A decorated behavioral economist shares insights on what marketers, advertisers, and designers can learn from an understanding of our irrational nature.

Advertising september 20, 2010

A Video Game Powered By Healthy Eating

This app takes advantage of the iPhone's microphone input to encourage healthier snacking.

Innovation june 2, 2010

US Teacher Eats & Blogs School Lunches

The anonymous "Mrs Q" aims to address the questionable quality of student food on the website Fed Up With School Lunches.

Advertising may 20, 2010

American Heart Association Endorses Nintendo Wii

A medical non-profit organization has put its stamp of approval on a video game console.


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