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Technology december 21, 2015

This Health-Tracking Bracelet Works on Your Mind, Too

Not just a step tracker, this wearable helps you achieve mind-body balance through goals centered around guided meditation practices

Partner Content november 7, 2013

Device Turns Any Set Of Earphones Into Pulse Monitor

Our smartphones could soon be used to monitor vital heart stats, helping improve overall health.

Technology may 24, 2013

Stress Detector Gives Personal Readings In 10 Seconds

Scout monitors vital signs, temperature, heart rate and stress, tracking the user’s health over time.

Technology january 8, 2013

Sensor Tracks Your Health Levels [CES]

PSFK founder Piers Fawkes gets a personal reading on the floor of CES 2013.

Arts & Culture january 8, 2013

Running App Adjusts Music Beat To Match Goal Pace

Cruise Control augments the song playing on your iPhone to your target pace, heart rate, or cadence.

Partner Content december 9, 2012

Integrating Health Technology Into Everyday Devices

The increasing convenience and integration of health technologies can empower people to take a more active role in managing their health.

IoT october 23, 2012

Headphones Match Music To Heartrate

MusicalHeart is a music-recommendation engine that runs off your body's clues to maximize your workout.

Work september 15, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From sensors that can predict falls before they happen to bio-hackers advancing human evolution, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Technology may 30, 2012

Movie App Monitors Viewer Reactions And Alters Film Endings

A new app, Sensum, delivers customized gaming and viewing experiences based on the changes in a user's body signals.

Innovation january 5, 2012

Sensor Tech Grants Snowboarders Game-Like Performance Readouts [Future Of Gaming]

‘Push Snowboarding’ is a project that incorporates Nokia’s sensor technology into a Burton snowboard and platform for real-time performance capture and readout.


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