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Travel november 29, 2016

Why Is This Ad For Heathrow Airport Causing A Buzz?

The video campaign, featuring two teddy bears, is striking a chord with viewers for its unexpectedly wholesome nature

Luxury april 18, 2014

Heathrow Keeps Personal Shoppers On Hand For Forgetful Fliers

Airport stylists create an entire travel wardrobe before you board the plane.

Sustainability december 3, 2013

Heathrow Offers Safe Haven For E-Cigarette Smokers

A new e-cigarette lounge gives smokers more privileges in the airport.

Innovation august 1, 2013

Heathrow Tracks Travelers’ Airport Locations To Decrease Delays

The UK airport is the first to use a new system that lets airlines know where passengers are.

Travel july 30, 2013

Dining Guide To Heathrow Airport Directs Travelers To Tasty Bites

Passengers get a helping hand to narrow down their eating options at the UK's busiest airport.

Design & Architecture september 11, 2012

Architect Proposes Floating Airport To End London Airport Congestion

Gensler has unveiled its pitch for an airport built on giant platforms in the middle of the city's Thames Estuary.

Arts & Culture december 8, 2011

Beautiful Christmas Cards Sent For Free In Exchange For Responses To Survey

Travelers in Heathrow Airport could post cards anywhere in the world for free, and were asked to respond to questions about their holiday card habits.

Design & Architecture august 10, 2011

Automated Pods Ferry Passengers In London's Heathrow Airport

Passengers at the UK's travel main hub are ferried to terminals daily by driverless pods. Could this spell the future of transportation?

Cities june 28, 2011

We Make Money Not Art: Heathrow Heritage

Writer Regine Debatty talks to Design Interactions graduate, Lisa Ma, about her efforts to stop the expansion of the Heathrow Airport through a tour project.

Advertising february 25, 2009

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