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Advertising august 11, 2014

Heineken Campaign Offers Consumers Chance to Win Free Cab Ride

Beer company offers patrons a tour of London in luxury just by buying a drink

Advertising july 15, 2014

Heineken Inspires Urban Adventures With New Twitter-Based Service

The brand's digital tool aggregates social data and notifies users of cities' social hot spots.

Advertising november 5, 2013

DJs Pair Music With Scents To Create A New Clubbing Experience [Video]

The Scenthesizer by Heineken lets the music masters match smells with the songs they're playing.

Mobile september 6, 2013

Instagram Mosaic Forms A Horizontal Scavenger Hunt

Heineken created the contest to give fans a chance to win free tickets to the U.S. Open Men’s Final.

Advertising july 21, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Heineken sends passengers to unknown destinations, charting the rise of the 'selfie' and Coca Cola-flavored wine.

Advertising july 15, 2013

Heineken’s Departure Roulette Sends Passengers To Unknown Destinations

The experiment invited travelers at JFK Airport to change their plans and board a plane to a surprise location.

Advertising june 10, 2013

10 Top Brand Collaborations With The Art World

Matt W. Moore works with the world's leading companies to create some of his best work.

Advertising june 4, 2013

Heineken Challenges Creatives To Sell Beer To Seniors

How the beer brand is engaging the growing 60+ demographic with crowdsourcing [Partner Content]

Advertising april 21, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Heineken creates an interactive bottle, and what famous landmarks would look like if sea levels rise. We bring you the best in art, tech and business.

Culture april 15, 2013

Heineken Creates Interactive Bottle That Responds To Drinkers [Video]

'Ignite' uses micro sensors and wireless networking technology to act in concert with other bottles and the surroundings.

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