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Technology november 10, 2016

Performance-Tracking Helmet Can Detect Accidents And Send For Help

PhiPal is transforming the piece of safety equipment so that it can help to save lives, automatically

Design & Architecture january 14, 2016

Protect the Athlete, Elevate the Game: A Solution to Sports-Related Head Injuries

Football helmet deforms upon impact, like memory foam for the head

Home december 26, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Wearable Tech

These wearable gift ideas are the latest big idea in personal hardware, closing the gap between body and device.

Luxury october 28, 2013

Concussion Sensing Helmet Could Save Athletes' Lives [Video]

New technology from the sport equipment manufacturer will help identify possibly injured players on the field.

Mobile june 24, 2013

Military Helmet Uses Google Glass-Style Tech To Launch Air Strikes

New design allows a soldier to digitally mark a target, and send those coordinates to a jet or a vehicle to carry out an attack.

Design & Architecture may 28, 2013

F1 Helmet Heats Up To Reveal Nudie Pinup Model [Pics]

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel wore the specially-designed head gear at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

Mobile february 28, 2013

Bike Helmet With Cameras Captures Hit and Runs [Video]

The 'Helmet of Justice' acts like an airplane's 'black box' for vulnerable cyclists on the road.

Technology january 11, 2013

Magnetic Helmet Helps Treat Depression

Researchers in Israel have developed a non-invasive way to treat brain disorders.

Arts & Culture november 20, 2012

Helmet Allows Its Wearer To Slow Down Time [Video]

Artist creates a high-tech headgear that lets users see the world in slow motion.

Sustainability november 6, 2012

Mind-Reading Helmet

MIT programmer creates a safety device to help bikers convey their emotions while on the go.

Design & Architecture august 28, 2012

Helmet Regulates Body Temperature With Built-In Cooling System

Self-sufficient design can cool a rider through solar-powered 'air-conditioning.'

Technology july 16, 2012

Helmet Lets Firefighters See Through Smoke, Trace Victims' Noise

An ambitious yet promising firefighter helmet concept may help spell the future of rescue safety equipment once it takes flight.

Innovation april 25, 2012

Reusable Shopping Bag Doubles As Emergency Helmet [Video]

In a natural disaster, you might see people putting on these eco-friendly totes.

Arts & Culture april 5, 2012

Disco Ball Bike Helmet

Artist helps other bikers turn their humdrum safety kit into sparkle gear.


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