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Technology march 12, 2013

Robot Butler Separates Oreo Cookies For Its Owner [Video]

HERB is robotic helper that is programmed to scrape off the cream from the biscuit.

Sustainability august 9, 2012

High-Tech Flower Pot Automatically Waters & Fertilizers The Plant [Video]

The Click & Grow allows urban dwellers to maintain an indoor garden with minimum effort.

Design & Architecture june 12, 2012

Grow An Herb Garden In A Hidden Kitchen Drawer [Pics]

A discrete hydroponic structure is able to hold up to 24 pot plants with built-in LED lights.

Technology june 4, 2012

Rotating Indoor Garden Inspired By A NASA Design

The indoor garden conserves energy and space while providing a large output.

Advertising march 2, 2012

Can Sniffing Rosemary Raise Your IQ?

A new study shows that smelling the herb can actually increase cognitive function.

Arts & Culture may 24, 2011

Herb: Nick Fraser Reimagines The Terracotta Pot [Pic]

An interesting take on the traditional planting pot that will be on display at London's Clerkenwell Design Week.


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