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Technology april 22, 2016

This Humanoid Robot Could Be Your Next Shopping Aide

Hitachi's robotic helper helps navigate in crowded spaces

Mobile march 14, 2013

Self-Driving Vehicle Helps Senior Citizens Get Around [Video]

The Hitachi ROPITS concept is a single-seater that lets users enter their destination on a smartphone or tablet.

Design & Architecture november 7, 2012

Paper-Like LCD Screen Can Be Viewed In Direct Sunlight

Japan Display has showcased its new color display technology which is both vivid and easy to use in all light conditions.

Technology september 27, 2012

Store Data Forever On This Waterproof, Fireproof Glass Disk

Hitachi has invented a small device that can store data on it for an incredibly long time in binary form by creating a series of dots that can be read with a microscope.

Work july 26, 2010

Life Microscope Bracelet Monitors The Minute Details Of Your Life

A concept design from Hitachi is claimed to be able to track a user's activity with a great deal of precision.

Retail march 30, 2010

Coke Vending Machine Uses Finger Pulse Recognition To Sell Soda

A new vending machine, uses Hitachi's finger vein authentication technology to dispense Coke bottles.


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