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Technology june 29, 2016

This Service Uses Knowledge To End The Stigma Around HIV

An information-sharing app seeks to remedy the harmful social consequences that go along with an HIV-positive diagnosis

Advertising april 20, 2016

Can A Cosmetics Company Use Branded Content To Create Real Social Change?

A documentary series funded by MAC aims to create awareness around the transgender experience

Luxury january 7, 2016

Stylish Purses to Discreetly Hide the Smell of Cannabis

This purse doubles as a smell-masking carrier for marijuana

Work november 6, 2015

Designing an HIV Self-Test Kit as Easy as a Pregnancy Test

iTeach and frog recognized the need for better HIV testing methods in South Africa and came up with a solution

Arts & Culture april 30, 2015

Magazine Prints Issue Using HIV+ Blood

Vangardist collaborates with Saatchi and Saatchi to re-spark a public health dialogue about the virus

Work may 13, 2013

Robert Cavalli Designs Color-Changing MINI

Iconic car redesigned to help raise money for HIV and AIDS.

SIMmed is a mobile phone technology that allows patients to record medication intake on their mobile phone.
Technology may 13, 2013

HIV Drugs Delivered Using Electro-Magnetic Particles

Drugs will counteract the brain barrier in the body, and may be the answer to curing fatal diseases.

Innovation february 6, 2013

Chip Can Diagnose HIV In 15 Minutes

The mChip is a cheap, portable and accurate device that analyzes a single finger prick.

Innovation december 11, 2012

Dissolvable Fabric Could Replace Condoms

To better protect against STDs and pregnancy, researchers have created an electrospun cloth loaded with drugs that women can insert directly.

Syndicated august 21, 2012

Independent Farming In Central Texas & Wooden Architecture In Ostrava [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares presentations on how organic farming really does have a lasting impact and a student project to build traditional dwellings in the modern city.

Sustainability july 6, 2012

Home HIV Test Kits Approved In US [Headlines]

The saliva test provides results in 20 to 40 minutes from a swab of the upper and lower gums in the mouth.

Innovation may 16, 2012

FDA To Approve HIV Prevention Drug [Headlines]

In a study of couples in Kenya and Uganda where one partner carried HIV and the other did not, the preventive drug Truvada reduced the risk of the infected partner spreading the disease by 73% .

Retail december 6, 2011

Product (Red) Roundup: How To Give More During The Holidays

Starbucks, Gap, Nike and The Killers help raise funds for aids research with limited edition items.


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