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Sustainability november 30, 2016

New Line Of Clothing Made From Almost 100% Recycled Materials

The garments from Patagonia divert waste from the landfill without sacrificing quality

Retail november 17, 2016

H&M Is Going All Black For Black Friday

The fast fashion company has created a special collection for their upcoming campaign

Social Media november 2, 2016

H&M Launches Their Latest Campaign With Custom Emojis

The collaboration with Kenzo allows fans to create unique messages with personal motifs and patterns

Food april 21, 2016

Learn About Social Change And Impactful Advocacy At This Year's PSFK Conference [PSFK 2016]

Change-agents from Sweetgreen, Gender Proud and more will speak about social change on May 13

How H&M’s Recycle Week events motivate shoppers to donate and recycle used clothing (Popsugar)
Technology february 16, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Virtual Reality Bikinis and Barbie Smart Homes

Kickstart your day with a coat that turns into a tent and a $15 cup of coffee

Design & Architecture january 25, 2016

H&M Wants You To Be Head-to-Toe Sustainable with Organic Beauty Products

This often-criticized fast fashion brand goes sustainable in skincare

H&M Wants to Revolutionize the Apparel Industry
H&M Is Launching an Eco-Friendly Beauty Line
Sustainability august 25, 2015

H&M Turned Your Unwanted and Unused Outfits into Distressed Jeans

H&M turns hand-me-down clothes into new denim clothing line for 'Close the Loop' fashion

Arts & Culture june 11, 2015

Charitable Cryptocurrency Fueled By Youngster's Drawings Helps Impoverished Children

UNICEF and the H&M Conscious Foundation are using a new cryptocurrency to engage kids and develop global Early Childhood Development programs

H&M banks on a fashion-conscious fashion conscience
Ted Baker’s virtual store: what is the point?
Can Silicon Valley Fix Women’s Fashion

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