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Sustainability december 6, 2013

Paper Cutout Faces Reconnect City-Dwellers To The Nature Around Them [Pics]

A Dutch design studio wants to bring a smile to people's faces with the help of nature.

Work september 9, 2013

Micro-House DIY Kit Puts Design Power Into Homeowners’ Hands

Flexible and affordable design makes this kit perfect for a home studio, guesthouse, or backyard retreat.

Advertising january 25, 2013

TNT Creates Live Ad Featuring Streakers In Dutch Streets

Last year, the TV channel made headlines with its viral real world ad and now it's back with a second that involves kidnapping, prisoners, and riot police.

Design & Architecture november 6, 2012

LEGO Wigs Look Like Real Hair [Pics]

Photoshoot for an ad campaign involved models wearing custom-made toy blocks as hair.

Technology november 1, 2012

Dutch Towns Will Heat Bike Paths So Cyclists Can Ride All Year Long

For bike-friendly communities that have harsh winters, passive temperature regulators could be embedded under the surface to keep routes clear.

Retail march 21, 2012

Modern Bookstore Housed Inside An Ancient Dominican Cathedral [Pics]

Architects create a contemporary retail space inside a 13th century building in Holland.

Work september 1, 2010

Transforming Liminal Spaces

A public corn maze operates as a stop-gap measure for unused real estate in Amsterdam.

Advertising august 17, 2010

(Video) Why Dutch Design?

Historic and cultural reasons that lead to high profile design work from the Netherlands.

Technology july 21, 2010

Tracking A Paper Trail With The Bijlmer Euro

RFID tags allow for artist Christian Nold to visualize the currency flow of a micro-economy.

Home may 26, 2010

(Pic) Dutch Hotel Is Your Temporary Home Away From Home

A Playful hotel design pays homage to area's history.

Work march 2, 2010

Vrachtfiets: Cargo Bikes For Urban Mobility

Netherlands start-up Vrachtfiets (Dutch for "Mobile Bicycle") provides a pedal-based solution to the often arduous task of moving your home or office within a large urban area.

Arts & Culture november 17, 2009

Dutch Designers Create Interlocking LEGO Fashion

Refinity dresses consist of interlocking parts which can be added or taken away from a garment, allowing users to alter it's design on demand.

Travel august 31, 2009

City Life, One Minute At A Time

cityoneminutes is a global web video project that allows you to observe 41 different cities around the world in one-minute intervals.


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