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[Inspiration] Hollywood navigates censorship in partnering with Chinese market
Advertising may 17, 2016

Social Media Campaign Fights Hollywood Whitewashing

#StarringJohnCho inserts the Asian-American actor into leading film roles

Design & Architecture march 29, 2016

How Refugee Camps Are Taking Cues From Hollywood

Movie production techniques could help create more sustainable cities

Sustainability march 14, 2016

Restaurant Becomes First in US Powered by 100% Clean Energy

Au Fudge earns green awards for its dedication to sustainable practices

Technology january 15, 2015

Fashion Site Makes Hollywood a Shoppable Affair

Spylight is using its studio access and vast fashion database to give fans a star-studded shopping experience

Innovation december 23, 2013

Oversized Book Lets Fans Step Into The Pages Of The Hobbit [Video]

Tourism New Zealand has installed a larger-than-life pop-up book at the premiere of The Hobbit.

Work october 8, 2013

Gallerist Hosts Artist’s Miniature Exhibit Inside Her Ears

Joe Sola will paint six paintings inside Tif Sigrid's ear canal gap.

Work september 13, 2013

Twitter-Directed Short Film Crowdsources Fans’ Vine Clips

Airbnb movie project aims to combine old and new forms of filmmaking.

Syndicated march 4, 2013

The Creators Project: Could Hollywood Flicks Exist Without The Visual FX?

Author Kevin Holmes examines VFX technology in the concept and creation of blockbusters in light of recent bankruptcy scandals.

Technology january 31, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

New smartphones from Blackberry, Assange to run for Australian Senate and Twitter named the fastest growing social network...links to start your day with.

Arts & Culture january 2, 2013

See Into The Future Of Computer Graphics [Video]

Research developed at the Siggraph Asia conference demonstrates what we can expect from animation.

Technology november 2, 2012

Hollywood's Leading Men Dressed As Women [Pics]

A hilarious user-generated photomanipulation project seamlessly showcases how some of Hollywood's most famous faces would look like if their genders were switched.

Work october 17, 2012

Which Oscar-Winning Films Might Never Have Been Made?

An online database of rejected scripts has become a trove of award-winning films.

Design & Architecture september 21, 2012

Artist Highlights National Stereotypes By Redesigning Countries' Flags [Pics]

'Flagster Series' uses generalizing clichés and typography to recreate the familiar patriotic emblems.


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