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Technology july 1, 2016

The First-Ever Hologram Karaoke Will Debut This Summer

An augmented reality company has been working to make holographic singing a reality

Technology april 29, 2016

Send Holographic Messages To Your Friends And Family

This startup is among the first to offer the ability to record and share holographic messages

Advertising april 6, 2016

Prism Inserts Bring Holograms To Print

Porsche created a new print campaign that comes off the page

IoT july 10, 2015

Hologram Tinker Bell Marks Laser Advent That's Safe to the Touch

Digital Nature Group details a working prototype for a hologram you can feel

Gaming & Play january 7, 2015

It's Not Quite Holograms, But Getting There: the L3D Cube

A new product from a Brooklyn company that specializes in physical 3D visualizations is the Pong of holograms

Work november 12, 2014

‘Star Wars’ 3D Hologram Technology Has Finally Arrived

Once considered science fiction, 3D hologram tech can soon come home

Work november 4, 2014

‘Star Wars’ 3D Hologram Technology Has Finally Arrived

BLEEN brings futuristic projection tech to the consumer market

Design & Architecture april 17, 2014

3D Images Projected Onto Mist Could Be A New Collaborative Workspace [Video]

This hologram system stacks computer files and folders more intuitively than a 2D screen can represent.

Technology march 24, 2014

Japanese Rockstar Piano Duels Against His Holographic Self [Video]

SXSW onlookers see double as a musician takes on his digital self.

Luxury august 21, 2013

Virtual Hologram Receptionist Cuts Down On Employee Costs

A London borough is using a virtual employee to greet visitors to its new civic center, claiming it is cheaper than a human worker.

Innovation june 21, 2013

Holograms Inject Life Into University Lectures [Pics]

The University of London is demoing oversized medical images to help students pay attention in class.

Work february 7, 2013

Holocaust History Told Through Holograms Of Survivors

Innovative 3D technology allows crucial personal stories to be shared at museums all over the world.

Design & Architecture february 6, 2013

Music Video Graphics React Live To Singer's Voice

British artist, Jamie Lidell features eye-catching gadgetry in the video for his upcoming single.

Retail may 25, 2012

Fantasy Hologram Lingerie Model Explores Shop At Night [Video]

This vision can be seen walking around in a Paris shop and heralds a new type of window display.


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