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Advertising june 13, 2016

Lawnmower Brand Uses Test Drives To Beautify City Parks

Brazilian lawn care brand found way to leverage advertising campaign as a public service

Advertising december 23, 2014

How your Home Appliances will Heat and Cool More Efficiently With this Startup

Phononic develops home appliances to be stylish, quiet and efficient

Design december 1, 2014

New Controller Bids to Replace Keyboard and Mouse

The Flow wireless controller works with a variety of apps like YouTube, Autocad and Spotify, and could replace your mouse and keyboard

Home february 28, 2014

Washing Machine Orders Detergent When It’s Running Low [Pics]

Just one example of how Berg aims to create a connected home.

Home june 13, 2012

New Appliance Makes Your Own Beauty Products At Home

'Naturalis' by EliumStudio is a gadget that makes skin care and beauty products like lip balms and hand creams.

Design april 23, 2012

Siemens Smart Surface Lets You Place Pans Anywhere On The Stove

Arrange cookware however you like with this full-induction kitchen unit.

Advertising april 20, 2012

Viral Dance Star Does ‘The Robot’ With A Roomba [Video]

Internet sensationalist Marquese Scott is featured dancing with the robotic vacuum cleaner in a new ad.

Advertising april 3, 2012

Yves Béhar Redesigns Retro Soda Fountain [Pics]

A popular home appliance in the 80s gets revamped by the founder of fuse project to appeal to the modern, eco-conscious consumers.


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