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[News] Hospital platform makes prescribing apps easy
[Insight] The hidden fees and skyrocketing bills of giving birth
[Stat] AI assistants may save 15-30 minutes caring for each patient, reports hospital nurse
[Insight] Q&A: How health data availability impacts patient care
Technology may 17, 2013

Viruses Can Now Detect Bacterial Superbugs

Potentially fatal antibiotic-resistant bacteria can now be found in a matter of minutes.

Innovation may 6, 2013

Injectable Oxygen Keeps People Alive Without Breathing

Scientists have made a breakthrough that could save patient's lives and open up the possibilities for underwater exploration.

Design & Architecture december 19, 2012

Hospital Device Shows Patients Tomorrow’s Weather

‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ is a weather display device created to show the next day’s forecast to the terminally ill.

Work august 15, 2012

Digital Bracelet Detects If Medical Staff Need To Wash Their Hands

An interactive system to ensure health professionals comply to a proper hygiene regime.

Mobile june 22, 2011

ERTexting: Minimizing Emergency Room Wait Times

A new mobile service seeks to streamline the legendary delays in emergency rooms by directing traffic to hospitals that are less crowded.

Luxury august 2, 2010

Future Of Health: Handheld Hospital

Mobile applications, peripherals and add-ons are becoming sophisticated enough to perform tasks comparable to their hospital equivalents, approximating vital diagnosis protocols closely enough to provide people in remote areas with immediate diagnosis.


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