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Design & Architecture march 7, 2013

Parisian Hotel Rooms Inspired By The Seven Deadly Sins [Pics]

Vice Versa Hotel has seven floors, each modeled around a different sin including lust, wrath and envy.

Sustainability february 11, 2013

Sleeping Capsules Transform Any Building Into A Hotel

The Sleepbox Hotel consists of mobile, modular rooms that just need to be connected to the power supply.

Home september 28, 2012

‘Fairy-Tale’ Hotel Offers Guests A Garden With Butterflies & Edible Plants

This new hospitality experience in Amsterdam provides exclusive shopping, lectures, exhibitions, and a dining room serving local favorites.

Design & Architecture september 25, 2012

Hotel Doubles As A Waterfall In Nature Reserve

The Montana Magica Lodge in Chile is built to look like a mountain and water cascades down it at scheduled intervals.

Design & Architecture august 3, 2012

Olympic Flame Designer Reveals New Hotel [Pics]

Check out the startling forty-story structure to gain insight into the mind of the now-famous British architect.

Design & Architecture june 27, 2012

A Hotel Built From One Million Salt Blocks [Pics]

The Palacio de Sal in Bolivia features a floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and sculptures constructed using salt due to a lack of timber in the area.

Luxury june 13, 2012

Bulgari Opens A Luxury Hotel Beside London's Hyde Park [Pics]

The company's third global location boasts Italian-designed furnishings, a large spa, and a private cinema.

Cities may 9, 2012

New Hotel In Reykjavik Designed To Double As Public Square [Pics]

OOIIO architecture are updating an existing city plaza with a design that provides open spaces for people to enjoy.

Design & Architecture july 6, 2011

Hi Matic Hotel Makes Eco-Efficiency Attractive [Pics]

The latest creation by Matali Crasset for Hi Life is an urban eco-lodge located in the Bastille area of Paris.

Sustainability may 26, 2010

(Pic) Dutch Hotel Is Your Temporary Home Away From Home

A Playful hotel design pays homage to area's history.


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