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Technology november 29, 2016

Wearables Keep Track Of Your Pet's Health

A Kickstarter campaign wants to help pet owners understand fundamental details they could easily miss about their cats and dogs

Retail june 6, 2016

A New Service Is Promising To Protect Your House From Drones

Dedrone is developing the technology to keep unwelcome drones away

[News] Apple Home app controls all household IoT devices
[Stat] Wearable fitness activity trackers are now owned by 20% of US households
Design & Architecture december 11, 2014

Clock Kills Time by Destroying Itself

A wall clock concept by artist Weng Xinyu cuts itself in half when no one's around

Sustainability september 30, 2014

Save Time, Water with Self-Washing Dishes

Swedish company designs eco-friendly, cellulose-based dishware

Innovation september 23, 2014

GE Will 3D Print Your Household Appliances

GE affiliate and partner Stratasys team up to micro-manufacture designers' projects

Work august 27, 2014

Free Mailbox Stickers Signify Goods Residents Are Willing to Lend Neighbors

Sharing economy goes analog in Germany and Switzerland

Sustainability july 30, 2014

Iceberg Candles Make Global Warming a Home Decor Option

The end of the world never looked this good

Work july 28, 2014

Social Robot Could Enhance Family Life

JIBO is a robot that can relate to people and make daily tasks easier and more entertaining

Mobile may 13, 2013

Track & Control Home Energy Use From Anywhere In The World [Video]

Wattio aims to to help users reduce their energy consumption with high-tech gadgets.

Arts & Culture february 12, 2013

Home-Brewing Kit Disguised As Regular Kitchen Appliances [Pics]

Discreet distilling that's can be repurposed when not in use.

Design & Architecture february 2, 2012

Bird-Shaped Smoke Detector Chirps Louder As Smoke Thickens

A playful twist on the design of an everyday household device makes you think that all functional items can also be attractive.

Innovation september 14, 2011

How Dangerous Are Household Cleaning Products? [Infographic]

Just how safe is your home? It could be lurking with dangerous toxic chemicals found in cleaning products that are harmful to your health and the environment.


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