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Design & Architecture october 6, 2016

Student Housing Built Out of Shipping Containers

Copenhagen and New York-based think tank BIG is creating a floating island out of these usually unsightly boxes

Technology june 17, 2016

Landlords Scan Facebook To Check If You Can Pay Rent

A controversial tool analyzes the words used on social media to determine the reliability of a potential renter

[Insight] How startups are leveraging technology to prevent real estate scamming in New York
[News] California lawmakers are approving ‘Granny Flats’ to ease housing shortages
[Inspiration] Refugee living and compact housing inspire designs at Venice Architecture Biennale
Financial Services may 18, 2016

How Investing In Communities Fosters Business Growth

A global bank focuses its marketing efforts on providing support to individuals and small businesses

Travel april 26, 2016

Digital Nomads Are Embracing 'Pod' Living in this LA Co-Working Space

Unlike a private hotel room, these 24-hour access spaces are a sharing-economy version of hostels

[Insight] Changing economic trends push millennials away from cities
Home april 19, 2016

MINI Designs Affordable Housing Solutions With Unique Shared Living Concept

The car brand takes to architecture to look for a solution to this urban living issue

Work march 18, 2016

University to Offer Micro-Apartments as Student Housing

Proposed college mini studios register at 140 square feet and cost less than $700 a month

Syndicated february 4, 2016

Britain's First Amphibious Homes Embrace Water Woes

A luxury floating house on the Thames that rises and falls with the water levels

Sustainability july 15, 2015

Why Cities, And Their People, Need More Than Protected Views

Writer and urbanist Leo Hollis considers changing policies around protected views, which seek to preserve a city's history and skyline amid increasing urban development

Sustainability january 27, 2015

Skinny Portable Home For Singles

Heijmans ONE is a movable building design for single home households that takes only a day of set-up

Arts & Culture october 29, 2014

Aquarium Designed To Let Fish ‘Escape’

The surface tension of a tumor-like terrain creates an unusual housing for fish


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