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Cities may 27, 2015

Build LEGO Bricks You Can Munch On

King of Random and SFHandyman share instructions on how to prepare these delectable toy bricks

Technology august 30, 2013

Online Learning And Teaching Platform For DIY How-Tos

New web experience can teach you almost anything.

Work march 22, 2013

Google Insights Reveal What People Are Searching For

Brands can obtain visually compelling data about their audience’s online presence.

Home december 21, 2012

Indie Band Has Listeners Make Their Latest Record Out Of Ice

Sweden's Shout Out Louds create a limited edition cd you can create at home using a frozen mold.

Sustainability april 10, 2012

Recycling Plastic Into Clothing: Sustainable Or Harmful?

Can we fully manage the risks -- both environmental and health-related-- that come with recycling plastic into polyester?

Luxury march 19, 2012

How Is Chanel's Iconic Tweed Jacket Really Made? [Video]

Luxury fashion brand takes fans on a behind-the-scenes look at its atelier.

Technology march 6, 2012

Send A Sweet Message With A DIY Chocolate QR Code [Video]

A romantic, homemade and tech-savvy way to say, "I love you."

Design & Architecture august 26, 2010

(Pic) Instant Chair

Duct tape and some scrap pipe add up to an informal bit of furniture.

Cities august 24, 2010

(Pic) DIY Backpack Made From Plastic Bags

The 01Mathery design group offers one solution to the world's overabundant supply of shopping bags.

Innovation june 17, 2010

(Video) Skills Of The Rockstar Planner: Communicating Ideas

In the second episode, the importance of storytelling and clear, inspiring communication is discussed.

Work june 14, 2010

(Video) Skills Of The Rockstar Planner: Intuitive Problem Solving

In this first episode, the often amorphous practice of intuitive problem solving is defined and examined by leading voices within the planning community.

Arts & Culture april 30, 2009

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