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Innovation january 16, 2014

3D-Printed Music Box Plays Customer-Composed Songs

The medieval device gets a modern makeover.

Technology january 17, 2013

Service Lets Users Make Calls To Each Other’s Twitter Handles

Make instant face-to-face calls in Chrome by using online names instead of numbers.

Syndicated january 4, 2013

The Evolution Of The Web Experience

How the change in web design has allowed for more seamless, socially optimized interaction -- as published on iQ by Intel.

Technology december 19, 2012

Agency Lets Clients Compose And Broadcast Xmas Tunes On Their Phones

deepblue created a special website that lets visitors connect their mobile devices and use them as musical keyboards.

Design & Architecture october 11, 2012

Microsoft Brings Popular iPhone Game To The Web

Originally introduced as an iOS app, the physics-based puzzle game is now playable online with Internet Explorer 10.

Design & Architecture july 13, 2012

BBC Uses Visualizations & HTML5 To Lift Poetry Off The Pages

'60 Years in 60 Poems' offers a new way of experiencing poetry, using actors’ recordings, sound-based generative design, and archive film footage.

Innovation june 26, 2012

PSFK Job Picks: Creative Coder – Rockwell Group

If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. Here’s a new job at the Rockwell Group, just listed on the service.

Work april 6, 2012

Facebook Makes Creating Mobile Apps For Their Platform Much Easier

The open-source browser test suite created by the social network helps developers overcome hurdles with HTML5.

Advertising november 24, 2011

Facebook Is Developing An Integrated HTC Smartphone

The social network's phone, code-named "Buffy", will operate on a modified version of Android.

Luxury november 8, 2011

The Top 10 Strategic Technologies For 2012

Gartner proposes the most significant and opportunity-rich technologies for businesses and organizations to evaluate for the new year.

Work august 11, 2011

Kindle Cloud Reader Uses HTML5 To Dodge Apple’s Tough App Restrictions [Headlines]

The Kindle Cloud Reader by Amazon uses HTML5 to work outside the Apple App Store regulations so that it can be highly adaptable to other devices.

Arts & Culture july 29, 2011

OK Go’s Interactive Kaleidoscope [Video]

The band puts together an inventive music experience and Google Chrome experiment.

Technology june 21, 2011

BBC Debuts Video App For Samsung

The latest on-demand TV news offering from the broadcasting giant has the potential to significantly alter the media industry.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2011

Online Video Experience Explores The Evolution Of How We Enjoy Music

'3 Dreams in Black' takes the concept of a music video down a more immersive direction with the help of HTML5 and WebGL technology.


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