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Technology july 3, 2015

The Future of Safer Cycling: Augmented Reality Helmets

Future Cities Catapult, the team behind the "3D Soundscape" headset, prototype a cycle helmet that would supply rides with spatial and contextual information

Work january 23, 2014

MIT Turns Any Transparent Surface Into A Display Screen [Video]

Nanoparticles embedded in sheets of plastic could offer a new medium of advertisements in the future.

IoT may 8, 2013

Google Glass For Swimmers

Swimming joins the list of sports that can use hard data to track athletes progress over time.

Work march 8, 2013

AR Windshield Brings The Dashboard To Eye Level [Video]

The augmented reality display shows information like the speed and distance of the car in front as well as incoming calls.

Sustainability october 27, 2011

Heads-Up Display Shows Athletes If They're On The Right Track

The device, which attaches to your sunglasses, uses LEDs and audio feedback to tell you about your performance.

Design & Architecture august 3, 2011

The Aeon Project: AR & Virtual Reality In Vehicles

Designers imagine the technology that will feature in vehicles of the future.

Home march 19, 2009

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