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PSFK Picks: Top 6 Apps Of The Week

Deconstructed Animations Explore Different Human Emotions [Video]

Kinect Installation Lets Visitors Control A Living Human Cell [Video]

Contact Lens Turns The Human Eye Into a Telescope

Emilie Baltz: How Food Impacts Interactive Design [PSFK 2013]

How To Build Human Connections To Achieve Success [Video]

Disney Clones Human Faces To Make Realistic-Looking Human Robots [Video]

Device Can Transmit And Translate Sign Language

Futuristic Suit Transforms Cyclists Into Human-Bicycle Hybrids [Pics]

Reality TV Show Plans To Put Humans On Mars By 2022 [Video]

Apes Communicate With Humans Using iPad-Like Interface

Four Seasons Hotel Creates Interactive Memory Book Of Favorite Stays

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