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Technology april 22, 2016

This Humanoid Robot Could Be Your Next Shopping Aide

Hitachi's robotic helper helps navigate in crowded spaces

Home january 28, 2016

Teaching a Robot Household Chores Is the Ultimate In Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

This handy tin can can sweep and vacuum around the house

Technology march 26, 2013

Humanoid Robot Helps Teach Children With Autism

NAO is part of a system Vanderbilt University is using to help autistic youngsters learn basic social skills.

Work january 4, 2013

Creator's Project: Almost Human Robot Uses 'Muscles' To Move

Roboy is a "tendon driven" android that replicates the forces used by the human body to move its frame.

Design & Architecture november 27, 2012

Disney Creates Robot That Can Catch And Juggle [Video]

The animatronic humanoid device uses an external camera system to track the movement of the balls and predict destination and timing.

Technology may 30, 2012

Robot Teacher Catches Students Dozing Off & Keeps Them Alert

The Wakamaru humanoid robot monitors students’ attention levels and keeps them focused, which could be especially useful for online instruction.

Technology april 12, 2012

Humanoid Robot May Alter The Future Of Party Conversations

Scientist have used these smart bots to help solve the "cocktail party problem," that being how humans follow and focus on a single conversation in a noisy environment.

Work july 14, 2011

A More Human-Friendly And Safer Robot To Work With [Headlines]

NASA technicians have created a humanoid robot, aka Robonaut 2, that can work safely in helping factory workers by improving artificial sensing technology.


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