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Mobile march 26, 2013

Museum Turns NYC Pay Phones Into 90s Time Capsules

In a campaign for the New Museum, Droga5 has turned city phones into booths where passersby can hear local stories from 1993

Technology september 16, 2010

A Social Network For Low-Income Immigrant Neighborhoods

Hoodr is a hyper-local community platform built to strengthen the social fabric of marginalized areas, providing its denizens a means to debate and express local events and opinions while combating the often one-sided picture portrayed by the media.

IoT august 2, 2010

Future Of Health: Temporary Communities

Better networking tools are enabling people to assemble quickly, anywhere around one or more shared connections such as location, interest or affiliation, often for the purposes of accomplishing a common goal.

Sustainability june 1, 2010

Monocolumn: Crowdsourcing The News

As traditional news media outlets fret over their business models, there’s no shortage of upstarts hot-housing the future of journalism online.

Retail april 23, 2010

24 Hour Market: From Hyper-Local To Global

24 Hour Market is a new website that allows visitors to vicariously shop at local street markets around the world.


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