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Ai september 22, 2016

IBM Watson Has Crafted A Trailer For A Horror Movie About AI

The system used machine learning techniques to comb through hundreds of examples and put together a frightening clip

Fitness / Sport september 13, 2016

IBM Gave U.S. Open Viewers A New Way Of Watching Tennis

The tournament featured data analysis and captions created by IBM Watson in real time

Work september 13, 2016

Enterprise Assistants Will Redefine Work Culture

PSFK’s Future of Work Report explores streamlining business processes to future-proof the workplace

Retail august 30, 2016

Mobile Travel App Embraces Cognitive Computing

The Orlando Tourism Board is looking to IBM Watson to provide personalized local recommendations for visitors

Ai july 25, 2016

Macy’s Is Testing An AI-Powered Shopping Assistant

Developed in partnership with IBM Watson, the tool frees up staff and provides shoppers with helpful information as they navigate stores

Advertising july 11, 2016

IBM Watson Will Now Answer Your Questions About Ads

The Weather Company, an IBM business since January of this year, has rolled out interactive ads that allow people receive relevant information

Automotive june 22, 2016

IBM Watson-Powered Autonomous Bus Aims To Cure City Traffic

Passengers can interact with arguably the world's smartest bus driver

Technology june 3, 2016

How Computer Science Is Helping To Fight Viral Infections

IBM Research announced a new macromolecule to protect healthy cells from viruses

Culture may 6, 2016

Robot-Inspired Couture Hits The Red Carpet

Marchesa designers and IBM Watson creates the #MetGala Cognitive Dress

Technology april 27, 2016

IBM Watson Helps You Make The Perfect Granola

Let a computer create a surprising granola blend of chocolate, strawberry, and jalapeño

Technology march 30, 2016

IBM Watson Can Now Detect Joy and Sadness

Envisioning a world where machines have feelings, Watson might be the first

Cities march 10, 2016

Meet Hilton’s Latest Hire: Connie, the Concierge Robot

Social robots could change the customer experience for hotel visitors

Advertising march 7, 2016

IBM Watson Imbues Gaming and VR With More Authentic Interactions

What if computer-controlled players were capable of much richer levels of interaction?

Culture march 1, 2016

New Processes from Fitbit, IBM and Toyota Influencing Positive Shift in Healthcare

How greater information-sharing, mobility and automation are streamlining access to doctors


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