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Travel september 15, 2016

A Video Guide On How To Snap Selfies And Eat Like An Icelander

Humorous tutorials aim to preserve Icelandic culture and geography in the wake of its geothermically hot tourism industry

Technology march 18, 2016

Crowdsourcing the Skies for Better Search and Rescue

Drones and 'virtual' rescue volunteers unite to bring speedier aid to survivors

Arts & Culture april 28, 2015

Iceland Launches Human Search Engine to Educate Tourists

The 'Ask Guðmundur' campaign features representatives from different Icelandic regions with expert knowledge to impart

Luxury march 3, 2015

Northern Lights Decorate an Airline Both Inside and Out

Hekla Aurora has been fitted with an LED system displaying the stunning northern lights throughout the main cabin

Travel february 24, 2015

Plane Recreates Aurora Borealis Inside and Outside Cabin

Hekla Aurora has been fitted with an LED system displaying the stunning northern lights throughout the main cabin

Advertising september 29, 2014

Icelandair Passenger Surprised with 48-Hour Layover Food Tour

#MyStopover campaign launches to promote unique experiences in the Nordic nation

Arts & Culture june 24, 2014

Traditional Icelandic Armor Revived For Teapots And iPads

Design firm Hlutagerðin revives an ancient technique for keeping warriors warm to protect tea and gadgets.

Innovation february 7, 2014

New Cryptocurrency Lets Icelanders Take Back Their Financial System

Pre-mined coins will be publicly "airdropped" in Iceland on March 25.

Partner Content december 25, 2013

10 Ways Iceland Cures The Creative Blues

The land of Sigur Ros, soft moss, elves and giants offers the perfect place to recharge in 2014.

Technology october 8, 2013

Colorful Maps Reveal Building Ages In Global Cities

Inspired by one another, graphic designers the world over have used datasets to create color-coded guides.

Work february 18, 2013

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

The Pirate Bay sues for copyright infringement, a crashless computer invented and Iceland may ban porn...links to start your day with.

Home february 4, 2013

Bjork Launches Her Own Interactive Educational Curriculum

The Icelandic singer is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter for her Biophilia program that will inspire creativity and a love of learning.

Technology january 2, 2013

Infinite Jukebox Hacks One Song To Play It Forever

By breaking songs down to beats and visualizing their structure, this online jukebox will re-arrange and assemble the song parts in new ways.

Home november 2, 2012

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