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Design & Architecture june 20, 2016

The City Of New York Receives A Pictographic Rebrand

Marketing company creates a unifed visual language of 250+ icons

Work june 11, 2013

How Google Constructs Its Visual Identity [Pics]

A senior designer has published the company’s graphic design guidelines.

Innovation november 26, 2012

Graphic Icons Simplify Privacy Policies For Web Users

Mozilla and are experimenting with creating an iconography for websites that makes it easy to understand what online surfers are agreeing to when they browse.

Retail december 21, 2011

Creative Inspiration From The Behance Network

The Behance Network is a leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. This week they bring us a dose of innovation including a very modern and aesthetically enticing update on the...

Technology february 4, 2011

Iconifying User Generated Content

Visual design experiment explores whether YouTube video popularity can be indexed in logo form.

Advertising december 9, 2010

The Noun Project

A celebration of the world's visual language could ultimately offer an interesting experiment in cultural anthropology.

Work may 17, 2010

Lessons in Cultural Storytelling: The Looking Glass: Banksy & Mr. Brainwash

What lessons can be learned by studying the pop art trickster foolery of Exit Through the Gift Shop?

Technology november 16, 2009

What The Past 10 Years Have Looked Like

What would a picture of the 2000s look like? The Economist asks contemporary designers and curators to identify icons of the past decade.

Sustainability february 25, 2009

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