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Syndicated february 13, 2013

Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Book examines Yo La Tengo and the development of Indie Rock, and My Bloody Valentine to release a third album.

Technology december 6, 2012

Toast Bread To The Perfect Brown Everytime [Video]

Clever appliance that allows users to select their toast preferences according to color and not time.

Gaming & Play august 14, 2012

New Kickstarter For Crowdfunding Erotic Projects

Niche startup hopes to support and create interesting adult-only products and services.

Work june 19, 2012

Portable Lunchbox Steams Food At Worker’s Desks

The Bento encourages workers to think of healthy alternative lunch options besides fast food.

Travel may 30, 2012

Divorce Hotel Ensures Guests Checkout Happily Unmarried

A new concept allows visitors to quickly end their marriage over the course of a weekend.

Technology may 22, 2012

Solar-Powered Street Lamps Let Users Charge Their iPhones Anywhere [Pics]

A smart concept that turns already existing urban infrastructure into a rest stop for smartphone users.

Arts & Culture april 19, 2012

Bike Hack Lets You Create Art Just By Pedaling

A different drawing is created each time you cycle on this bicycle installation.

Mobile february 9, 2012

Gym Concept Connects Jogging To Social Good

Creative concept encourages runners by giving them meaningful incentives to exercise.

Advertising january 17, 2012

Michelin-Starred Restaurant Hosts Secret Pop-Up Events In A London Attic

St John, the upscale eatery, and Secret Cinema, the impromptu film screening collective, team up to create an exclusive dining experience that combines food with music and art.

Innovation december 15, 2011

New Social Network Melds Kickstarter With Facebook

Rock the Post is a new site that brings together entrepreneurs and the people needed to get creative ventures up and running.

Luxury december 5, 2011

Rail Concept Allows Passengers To Transfer Between Moving Trains

The Moving Platforms idea can revolutionize the way we change vehicles.

Work november 16, 2011

Joe Gebbia: The Power Of Story [Video]

The founder of Airbnb and designer of Critbuns, explains why the key to selling an idea or product is all about creating the narrative behind it.

Partner Content november 8, 2011

Pepsi Hosts A Soccer Match Between Blind Vs The ‘Blinded’

Visually impaired football players use tracking technology and three-dimensional sounds to engage with former footballers in a match of "blind football."

Technology september 14, 2011

Indian Telco Predicts A Decrease In Population Growth Thanks To 3G Phones

An Indian telcom ad shows how 3G smart phones can be effective in controlling the population.


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