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Syndicated october 20, 2016

Museum Exhibit Celebrates Strange Architectural Contraptions

Artist William Heath Robinson's peculiar genius is on display in this recent show with wiggling ducts, jumbles of planks and coils of cable

Augmented & Virtual Reality october 5, 2016

Experiment On An Unlimited Canvas With This VR Art Tool

Gravity Sketch lets artists sketch things in the air instead of on a flat screen

[Inspiration] Illustrators visualize the modern complexities of identity and relationships
Arts & Culture september 26, 2016

Artist Designs Covers For Books That Don’t Exist

Published by the fictional 'Specious Books,' the subversive works facilitate a conversation regarding the artistic integrity of graphic designers

Social Media september 6, 2016

Turn Your Favorite Tweets Into Comic Strips

Artist Jamie Tanner will immortalize your most memorable words by transforming them into an illustrated story

Travel august 26, 2016

Illustrator Interprets The Experiences Of Blind Travelers

Artist Alby Letoy creates drawings of poignant travel memories for the visually impaired

Food june 9, 2016

Panoramic Coffee Cup Illustrations Document The Beauty Around Us

Artist draws scene in front of him in 360 degrees on a plain coffee cup

Op-Ed may 12, 2016

Ariel Waldman: Astronauts Tell Us What It’s Really Like In Space

Illustrated accounts from the brave men and women who've dwelled beyond the Kármán line

Arts & Culture april 20, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: Attendees Connect Through Creativity (and Doodle Portraits, Too)

During last week's conference, the doodle artist extraordinaire and attendees sketched each in 60-second bursts

Home january 12, 2015

Catalog Hacker Gets Job As IKEA’s Children’s Illustrator

Sarah Horne's comic creatures get invited to the table

Design & Architecture november 25, 2014

Beautifully Illustrated Web Page for Making Better Coffee

For Better Coffee is an illustrated web platform that wants to teach users the rules of making better coffee

Sustainability october 27, 2014

Psychology of Color Pencils Name Hues After Moods

Thought-provoking words replace standard color labels in this colored pencil set for grownups

Work october 13, 2014

No Packaging Needed with Pull-Apart Colored Pencil Concept

Designer Laurence Gregoire's sustainable packaging concept doubles as an interactive experience, allowing users to snap the pencils apart to use them

Innovation october 1, 2014

‘Six Mile Pencil’ Illustrates How Far You Have Drawn, Encouraging Creation

Distance, not time, is the new measure of dedication to your craft


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