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Arts & Culture january 14, 2016

Honor David Bowie With a Selfie Makeover

To honor Bowie, an augmented reality app turns you into Ziggy Stardust

Work february 21, 2014

App Analyzes Selfies To Provide The Perfect Bra Fit

ThirdLove patents computer vision technology for determining a user's size through their smartphone.

Technology october 8, 2013

Bench Captures Memories Within Its Shadows

A project recently exhibited at the 2013 London Design Festival uses an AR app to attach users' stories to a specific time and location.

Sustainability march 6, 2013

Skittles Fans Play Rock, Paper Scissors Online With Live Opponents

The candy brand is challenging fans to play a modified version of the game by holding up different flavors to the camera in an effort to beat the other player.

Advertising december 13, 2012

Brands Can Visually Monitor Logo Presence On Instagram

Gazematrix's image recognition software help monetizes the social network for businesses.

Retail september 29, 2011

Tesco Uses AR Advertising For ‘Big Price Drop’ Campaign

The supermarket has introduced the UK's first image recognition augmented reality print campaign.

Mobile april 26, 2011

Smartphones Can Surmount Underappreciated Challenges

A new app makes use of smart phone technology to assist visually impaired users.

Work march 9, 2011

Making The World Around You Clickable

Microsoft Tag's Robin Lanahan talks with PSFK in anticipation of her upcoming presentation at our Future of Mobile Marketing Salon in Austin.

Retail february 7, 2011

Toshiba Makes Self-Checkout Systems Smarter

Using image recognition and machine-learning, researchers have developed a new self-checkout system that can distinguish between objects with subtle color and shape differences.

Technology january 31, 2011

Simple Software Can Make A Big Difference [Video]

Widely available personal technology utilised to aid in the regular intake of prescriptive medicine.

IoT november 11, 2010

iPhone App Hyperlinks Reality To Your Shopping List

The new Tesco Application aims to make shopping lists obsolete.

Mobile september 3, 2010

The Royal Mail Launches The World’s First Intelligent Stamp

The British postal service is using image recognition technology to generate public interest in its special edition stamps.


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