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Technology september 19, 2016

Photo Editing App Helps Professional Photographers Find Work

500px has released a new piece of software called RAW, which has an 'assignments' feature that provides alerts about available jobs nearby

Media & Publishing september 16, 2016

Mock Collection Highlights Soulless Nature Of Stock Photos

Adobe Stock Apparel is a fake clothing line meant to highlight how bland and bizarre free-use images tend to be

Design & Architecture september 14, 2016

Say Goodbye To Scouring The Web For Stock Art

Photoshop-integrated plug-in lets you search through an entire database of licensed artwork without having to leave the program

Food september 9, 2016

Modern Literature Meets Melting Frozen Confectionary

A new photo project is demonstrating a love of beautiful books by pairing good eats and the written word

Arts & Culture august 26, 2016

Search Engine Turns Your Own Drawings Into Photos

This image-matching software accepts hand-made sketches instead of keywords

Technology august 16, 2016

Selfie Corrector Makes Photos Of Yourself More Flattering

This admittedly complex editing tool relies on perspective-aware manipulation instead of filters to turn your worst into your best

Mobile march 24, 2016

End Monotony By Discharging Random Images to Your Contacts “Blindly”

A conversation starter for when you want to say something but have nothing to say

Design & Architecture september 24, 2014

Photo Booth Lets Subjects Paint Light Into Images

LightOmatic is a participatory experience in photography technique that combines patterns and color

Retail august 25, 2014

ModCloth Purported First Retailer to Pledge Against Photoshopped Ads

The 'Heroes Pledge for Advertisers' could lead to a more realistic portrayal of body images

Cities july 17, 2014

Facebook for Google Glass Concept Adds Telekinesis to Wearable Device

MindRDR lets users upload pictures to social media using only their thoughts

Technology january 8, 2014

New Search Engine Asks Friends For The Answers

New app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone polls social networks for info.

Work january 7, 2014

Algorithm-Powered Game Designer Trumps Human Creativity

An algorithmic game designer somehow knows how to create something dark.

Work december 3, 2013

GIF Portraits Turn Still Shots Into Puzzling Images [Pics]

A new project presents street photography as you’ve never seen it before.

Advertising august 6, 2013

Microscopic Photos Find The Beauty In Deadly Diseases [Pics]

New book artistically encourages people to get to know about medical conditions.


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