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Retail august 31, 2016

Nike Creates An Immersive Pop-Up Fitness Experience In London

The Unlimited You space gave athletes a chance to push their limits farther than ever before

Sustainability february 17, 2016

Invasion of the Meatspace Space Invaders

Two Earthlings took on the incoming horde with a nerf gun and a cart

Work september 17, 2015

How a Museum’s 45-Foot Virtual Waterfall Can Inspire Sustainability

New York Hall of Science exhibit encourages visitors to consider how their actions impact ecosystems worldwide

Mobile september 16, 2015

Create a Nebulae With Your Phone in This Digital Universe

TeamLab has created a glittering LED installation that users can manipulate with their smartphones

Travel december 2, 2014

Virtual Reality Experience Helps Vacation Planning

Thomas Cook Group offers a new way to shop for your next holiday trip

Technology november 25, 2014

Turn Your iPhone 6 Into a Virtual Reality Headset

Pinc iPhone 6 case unfolds to become a virtual reality headset that tracks your hand movements

Retail november 25, 2014

Chicago AT&T Store Decked Out Like a Magical Forest

The revamped flagship store has been converted into an interactive enviornment for the holiday season

Gaming & Play april 18, 2013

What 90-Year-Olds Think Of Virtual Reality [Video]

A grandmother tries out the Oculus Rift headset and provides a commentary of the immersive experience.

Technology february 21, 2013

Beck Concert Creates A 360 Degree Live Sound Experience

'Hello, Again' is an immersive online experience that replicates what it’s like to see and hear a performance on stage from every angle.

Advertising february 24, 2012

Coca Cola Transforms A Square In Instanbul Into A 3D Installation [Video]

A creative moving image visual display captivates visitors for the brand's 125th anniversary.

Travel february 13, 2012

The Guardian’s Immersive Travel App Lets You Explore Cites From Your Chair

iPad users can now "visit" tourist attractions without leaving their homes by controlling films taken at various locations.

Design & Architecture june 15, 2011

The Immersive Cocoon: A Full 3D Experience

A design and advertising firm has created a 360-degree interior dome-display that aims to provide a full sense of visual immersion.

Mobile may 26, 2011

360º Video Capture For The iPhone 4

Kogeto, the creators of the 'world's most advanced panoramic camera,' are in the final phase of developing a lightweight, durable, pocket-sized, immersive video capture device which simply clicks onto the iPhone 4.


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