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Work june 14, 2016

Startup Incubator Experiments With A Basic Income In Oakland

A research project examines how a random selection of participants use a basic income wage

Technology november 9, 2015

Scheduling Service for Freelancers Means Less Project Woes

Cushion makes scheduling, forecasting and income organized for easier professional success

Innovation may 24, 2012

Top Ten Countries With The Worst Quality Of Life [Headlines]

Looking at a series of factors like income, housing, education, safety, and work-life balance, the OECD lists the ten countries in the world with the worst scores.

january 5, 2012

Americans Are 50% Of The World's 1% [Headlines]

The US population has half of of the world's top earners.

december 19, 2011

CEO Pay Has Jumped 36.5% [Headlines]

The top company execs have seen a major increase in their annual salaries after tow years of lower pay.

Innovation december 13, 2011

Are We Making More Money Thans Our Parents Did? [Headlines]

Women are making more money then their mothers did, while men are making less than their fathers.

november 9, 2011

U.S. Households Headed By Those 65 And Older Have 47 Times More Wealth Than Younger Households [Headlines]

Typical net worth of younger households is 68% less today than it was in 1984.

Work april 25, 2011

With 8.4 Million American Millionaires, Billionaire Is New Goal [Headlines]

Being a millionaire no longer means you won't have to work, nor does it mean that you can get anything you want. Are we now having to shoot for billionaire status if we really want to have "made it" in this world?

april 11, 2011

UK Disposable Income Falls To Lowest Since 1921

Soaring inflation coupled with low pay rises means British household budgets face their biggest squeeze in 90 years. Telegraph


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