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Retail october 14, 2016

Unique Partnerships Are Shaping The Future Of Ride Sharing

Uber's collaboration with car dealerships is transforming India's transportation landscape, but not without serious competition

Arts & Culture july 11, 2016

Sundial Casts Changing Graffiti Shadows

The typographic piece visualizes the concept of time and change

[Insight] How an Indian yoga guru is using natural ingredients to replace household brands
[Stat] India will surpass US as world’s second-largest mobile market, says Goldman Sachs exec
Mobile june 27, 2016

Why A $4 Phone Is Stirring Up Controversy

The inexpensive device will be shipping with a monetary loss on each phone sold

Asia june 27, 2016

Charge Your Smartphone With A KFC Meal Box

The fast food chain is rolling out a new campaign that features power for your devices along with your meal

Education may 27, 2016

Creating A More Personalized Online Classroom

Video indexing and computer vision from Xerox are customizing lessons to different learning styles

Design & Architecture may 25, 2016

Found Objects From Around The World Showcased At Muji NYC

This curated pop-up shop and gallery shows how great design can come from all places

Travel may 24, 2016

Solar-Powered Train Promises Sustainable Mass Transit

India's first solar panel-powered train moves the country on a large scale

Advertising may 13, 2016

PSFK Conference 2016: Morning Session

A look at some of the great ideas from the first session of this year's PSFK Conference

Cities may 10, 2016

Uber To Talk About Solving Cities’ Ultimate Design Challenge At PSFK 2016

Uber's Ethan Eismann to talk at our NYC conference on designing transportation for tomorrow's cities

Syndicated april 22, 2016

From Shopping To Naked Selfies: How ‘Empowerment’ Lost Its Meaning

The catch-all term has come to denote a watered-down feminism, popular with celebrities and advertisers alike

[News] India requires panic buttons on all new mobile phones
Food april 7, 2016

Eat Your Disposable Spoon Instead of Tossing It In the Trash

This edible utensil comes in flavors ranging from mint-ginger to carrot-beetroot


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