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Retail november 21, 2016

Indiegogo's Equity Crowdfunding Lets Anyone Become A Startup Investor

The crowdfunding platform is looking to capitalize on its followers to take on a new kind of investing

Retail september 23, 2016

How Indiegogo Is Becoming An Adult Product Destination

The crowdfunding platform is stepping up its game with a curated list of VR stimulators, sexbots and teledildonics

[Stat] Indiegogo has helped raise over $1 billion for entrepreneurs wordwide
Technology may 24, 2016

This Purifier Wants You To Drink More Water

A reverse osmisis system sends you discreet nudges if you are not staying hydrated

Technology april 25, 2016

Photo Album Mixes Still And Moving Content

Startup introduces a Harry Potter-like interactive photo album for cherished photos and videos

Sustainability april 22, 2016

This Device Can Purify Water, Generate Electricity And Connect To The Internet

Watly is self-described as the biggest solar-powered computer in the world

Design & Architecture april 19, 2016

Simple Hanging Device Is A Treadmill For Office Desks

Tired of feeling stuck at the office? Turn your desk into a fitness machine

Technology april 15, 2016

This Speaker Chooses Music Based On Your Emotions

Voice controlled system utilizes emotional intelligence to enhance listening experience

Work january 25, 2016

Self-Propelled Stroller Leads the Way to Hands-Free Parenting

This self-pushing pram concept could be a dream for jogger parents, but we have our doubts

Technology march 26, 2015

A Stone Lets the Physically Impaired Communicate with a Touch

Smartstones are an example of miniaturized technology that allows for simple, gestured-based communication

Innovation march 12, 2015

Lamp Mimics the Motions of the Sun

Luminous Lamp wants to reinvent your relationship with artificial light

IoT february 24, 2015

NEO Jar Tracks Food Consumption and Nutritional Value

Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs is connecting your food to the Internet

Gaming & Play february 19, 2015

Customizable Wearable for Kids Combats Childhood Obesity

Miiya aims to increase activity amongst the youth generation via wearable gamification

Mobile february 18, 2015

Ubiquitious Power Arrives with Phone-to-Phone Charging

Cable lets you draw a charge from computers, tablets, and the charging holy grail: other phones


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