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Technology january 30, 2015

Sci-Fi Headset Lets You Control TV with Your Mind

The Flexctrl is a thought-activated remote control that fits on your noggin

IoT january 14, 2015

Bike’s Connected Handlebar Alerts Community If Stolen

Boréal Bikes' smrtGRiPS provides haptic feedback, audible alarms & community alerts

Work january 7, 2015

Solar Nano Smartphone Case Gives your Phone Perpetual Power

JUSE collects solar energy, stores it in a nano battery and automatically charges your mobile

Gaming & Play january 2, 2015

Virtual Reality iPhone 6 Case Tracks Your Hands

Pinć is a sturdy case that unfolds into a wearable device, providing an immersive VR platform that can fit in your pocket

Technology december 17, 2014

Heat Your Room For 10 Cents A Day With Candle-Powered Device

Italian design student creates cheap heating alternative

Innovation december 11, 2014

What You Need to Know About the Jolla Crowdfunded Tablet

Serious specs and features voted for by the tablet's community

Partner Content december 11, 2014

Indiegogo’s Kate Drane on Makers Movement – “Crowdfunding Proves Demand”

Kate Drane from Indiegogo, speaking at PSFK & PCH Presents the Makers Movement in San Francisco, describes the holistic benefits that come with crowdfunding and how they increase the success of start-ups.

Innovation december 5, 2014

Brew Customized Craft Beer via Smartphone

Brewie is a fully-automated, smartphone-controlled home brewing machine

Cities october 8, 2014

Windshield Sticker Alerts When You Are Stuck in Tow-Away Zone

TowStop creates conversation between driver and officer to curb likelihood of expensive parking violation

Mobile august 27, 2014

Active Kids Game Combats Obesity with Collectible Monsters

STOMPS is an Indiegogo project that encourages children to move by offering a fun incentive

Technology july 9, 2014

Wearable Device Helps Perfect Posture

The device is attached to users' lower backs and passively trains them on how to sit and stand upright.

Work july 3, 2014

Help Crowdfund A Floating Beach In NYC’s Hudson River

Indiegogo project wants to raise funds for a floating park.

Partner Content june 27, 2014

Why Tablets Are The Key To Making Smart Homes Go Mainstream

Easy-to-use, multi-functionality and widespread use of tablets and new services built for them are switching the smart home concept into a reality.

Advertising april 14, 2014

Parody Video Lays Down The Truth About Crowdfunding

Terrible Kickstarter campaigns portrayed perfectly by Vooza.


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