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Culture march 22, 2013

Christo Creates World’s Largest Indoor Inflatable Sculpture

Along with the late Jeanne-Claude, the artist has made a giant "big air package" that fills up a huge swath of land in Germany.

Culture august 17, 2012

Climbing Wall Interacts With iPhone To Show The Best Route

Looking for an indoor climb that sets a challenge? This indoor artwork doubles as a climbing wall with uneven grooves for varying climbing difficulties.

Home august 9, 2012

High-Tech Flower Pot Automatically Waters & Fertilizers The Plant [Video]

The Click & Grow allows urban dwellers to maintain an indoor garden with minimum effort.

Design july 18, 2012

‘Living Wall’ Changes With Heat To Mimic The Seasons

A unique interior concept channels the changing of the seasons through interactive, heat-sensitive leaf prints.

Culture february 15, 2012

A Space-Saving Rocking Chair That Also Helps Dry Your Laundry [Pics]

These furniture pieces take into account the limited square footage of most modern urban dwellings and are both functional and beautiful.

Culture february 15, 2012

Elegant Shelf Hangs Your Bike Like A Painting [Pics]

Minimalistic in design, this furniture piece showcases your bicycle and is perfect for urban living where space saving is necessary.

Advertising july 29, 2011

Get Your Caffeine Kick From Çurface Furniture

Çurface tables and chairs smell like coffee because they are made from a material that is 30% coffee grounds.

Design july 30, 2009

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