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Millennials november 14, 2016

Space-Saving Kitchen Unit Designed For Millennials

Dsignedby created the sophisticated space-saving design for modern city dwellers

Work january 14, 2015

Kitchen Utensils Designed To Match Cooking Personalities

Massimo Capella culinary designs include a surgical kit and a painting palette

Cities october 21, 2014

Shipping Container Kiosks Invade Seoul's Design District

Architects have skewed the industrial items to create multi-purpose structures in South Korea's newest plaza

Luxury october 17, 2014

Portable Tea Maker Device Lets You Carry Your Favorite Leaves on the Go

This dainty tea brewer allows you to enjoy a freshly brewed beverage anytime

Design & Architecture september 26, 2014

Hipster Harness Rehabilitates Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

Industrial designer Galia Weiss developed the device to help canines strengthen their hip muscles

Work september 25, 2014

Mighty Mug with Smartgrip Technology Won’t Tip Over

Beverage cup grips to your desk when knocked to prevent spills but lifts naturally

Mobile september 11, 2014

Diesel Living Tableware Takes Shape of Hardware, Tools and Machinery

Industrial design-inspired home accessories line debuts at Paris exhibition

Design & Architecture september 8, 2014

Faucet Handle Twist Lets You Operate with Dirty Hands

Industrial designer eliminates the need to clean your faucet after use

Work august 25, 2014

Discreet Vibrators Designed For Your Neck, Not Your Nightstand

Stylish sex toy doubles as a pendant necklace for all occasions

Technology august 12, 2014

Washing Machine Concept Uses Robot Fish to Clean Clothes without Detergent

Designer Chan Yeop Jeong came up with the idea as part of the Electrolux Design Lab

Design & Architecture july 29, 2014

Industrial Rings Inspired by Factory Aesthetic

Drilling Lab's bizarre jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts

Technology december 3, 2013

Chinese Designer Works Alongside Computers to Emulate Nature [Pics]

Zhoujie Zhang sees rendering and crafting furniture as a collaborative process between humans and computers.

Mobile october 15, 2013

Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Play the piano with your feet, or walk on water thanks to an interesting new take on footwear.

Work july 31, 2013

Tray-Free Printer Eats Away At Piles Of Paper [Pics]

In one end and out the other, a printer design that doesn't jam and needs a lot less attention.


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