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Design & Architecture december 15, 2014

Rescue Board Is An Inflatable Life Raft That Tilts To Help Drowning Victims

Emergency rescue equipment earns design distinction as convenient and affordable safety product

Cities march 6, 2014

Inflatable Shelters Capture Building Heat To Keep The Homeless Warm [Pics]

The paraSITE collects excess HVAC air to provide a heated shelter from dangerous cold weather.

Mobile october 17, 2013

Inflatable Classroom Teaches Urban Intervention Techniques [Pics]

The Inflato Dumpster is a mobile learning lab seeking funding on Kickstarter that aims to help locals rethink their public spaces.

Innovation may 16, 2013

Wearable, Inflatable Bike Sails Create Moving Art Exhibit [Pics]

Created by Jessica Findley, the Aeolian Ride is an international art event with participants cycling in a billowing costume.

Technology march 22, 2013

Christo Creates World's Largest Indoor Inflatable Sculpture

Along with the late Jeanne-Claude, the artist has made a giant "big air package" that fills up a huge swath of land in Germany.

Technology november 2, 2012

Stay Warm With An Inflatable Jacket

The Klymit Ulaar Jacket is perfect for the winter months as the wearer can adjust it to a desired degree of warmth using an air pump in the left pocket.

Arts & Culture september 7, 2012

Inflatable Metal Furniture 'Pops Up' In Minutes [Video]

Puff! is a line of stools and benches that are constructed using a bicycle pump.

Work september 5, 2012

Artist Brings Back Internet Meme 'Technoviking' As Tweet-Powered Head

Artist Wafaa Bilal questions what it means to 'go viral' with a giant installation that pays homage to a 2007 Internet sensation.

Luxury june 29, 2012

Luxury Temporary Inflatable Buildings

New building method is both utilitarian and visually stunning.

june 27, 2012

Inflatable Cast Immobilizes Injured Area Within Seconds [Video]

A blow up stabilizing bandage can stabilize a broken bone, sprain, and heavy bleeding.

Home december 1, 2010

Pop Up Inflatables Settle Down For Domestic Use (Pics)

London based Airclad capitalise on the growing trend for ephemeral installation to champion inflatable architectural extension

Mobile october 20, 2010

Inflatable Photo Studio

An mobile structure that can be put up quickly offers an alternative to traditional spaces.

Arts & Culture may 8, 2009

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