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Technology january 28, 2014

Flu Forecasting Tool Predicts Health Trends Two Months In Advance

Scientists at Columbia University have developed a forecasting system that can predict when influenza will pass through different regions.

Work december 17, 2013

Wrapping Paper Designs Inspired By Infectious Diseases

Creative agency launches the Wrap Up Project that sells Christmas paper with patterns depicting the common cold, influenza and pneumonia.

Home january 18, 2013

Sorbet Fights The Flu

Finally a frozen dessert to alleviate coughing, sore throats, aches and pains.

Work december 17, 2010

Tracking The Real-Time Spread Of The Flu

An entire high school population was tracked in real-time to learn how infectious disease spreads.

Innovation may 27, 2010

Future of Health: New Approach May Help Develop Universal Flu Vaccines

Researchers at Mt. Sinai Medical School have begun to explore the prospect of universal flu vaccines that may replace the yearly shot.


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